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Curse you Marvel! I don't have time for this!

Somewhere between essays, tests, and math problems, I have been completely obsessing over the Marvel universe again. I thought I was over this but the Avengers movie and seeing Thor on Netflix this past month has pulled me back in. Admittedly it's more the movieverse this time but still I don't have time for the fan fiction searches! So many possible pairings, so little time.

I wasn't even a Loki fan until I saw the Avengers and then I had to see Thor. Curse you Tom Hiddleston! You are far to adorable for my own good!


I'm going to have to change my header and icons now.

Edit: Correction. I wasn't a fan of Comic!Loki. I know far too much about Loki's mythology not to be a mythical!Loki fangirl.....I am such a nerd.
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