Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: Day Break

Stargate: Atlantis - Day Break - giddygeek

Quotes: "Very clever and clearly erroneous deduction, Major Sheppard. Congratulations, you're ready to come be part of the science team."

"Thanks, I think I'll pass on that," Sheppard said dryly. "So can you fix this or what?"

"I think it's safe to assume that there's a way to fix it."

"And by that you mean, yes?"


Sheppard is reliving the same day over and over. It's McKay's job to figure out what's going on and fix it. Think Groundhog's Day set in the Pegasus Galaxy and dash of slash.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: Watchtower Bulletin

DC Comics - Watchtower Bulletin - icarus_chained

Quotes: But if you feel like taking on Superman or Wonderwoman or me, go ahead. We won't be paying your hospital bills. And if you start trashing the tower, remember, Batman pays for it, and he will come for you!


The Flash sends out a bulletin to the newbies in the Watchtower about the dos and don'ts of getting along with their fellow heroes.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: Choosing the Fourth

Naruto - Choosing the Fourth - Sarah1281

Quote: "So how are we going to decide this?" Orochimaru asked. "I mean, I'm one of the three Sannin, I am your student as you were the Second Hokage's, I'm plenty old and experienced enough for the position, I'm powerful enough to be Hokage, I'm well-respected within Konoha…"

"Yeah, but have you ever noticed you give off the distinct air of a pedophile?" Jiraiya asked.

Orochimaru blinked. "I…pardon?"


How Sarutobi picked his successor. Pure crack.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: Adaptation

Death Note - Adaptation - Silver Pard

Quotes: L thought that Light's typical clothing flattered his new female body worryingly well. Because he was not a man to lie to himself, he acknowledged that there was no acceptable reason he should care that Light was not wearing a bra and that his breasts really were quite nice. Because he was also not a man to deny himself, he took good note of both facts every time Light's attention was otherwise occupied.


This is crack fic but still manages to be the most in character gender swap fic I've ever read just because Light's reaction to the change is just so Light.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: A Scandalous Proposal

Naruto - A Scandalous Proposal - Narf-for-the-Garthoc

Quotes: Hell, Sakura had even convincingly faked being happy for Ino when the blonde kunoichi finally landed the dark-haired, pale prince of her dreams. Okay, maybe not convincingly, but she healed Ino's black eye before the ceremony and got shit-faced like any respectable maid of honor, dammit!


Sakura is tired always being a bride's maid and never the bride and she wants to know why. The answer isn't really what she expects. Everyone is wonderfully in character. Absolutely hilarious. Laughed so hard I almost cried. A must read.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: A Cigar Is Just

D. Gray-Man - A Cigar Is Just - Bookkbaby

Quotes: It was perfect! Absolutely flawless and, if his hypothesis was correct, it should be able to solve the problem his darling sister had brought to his attention. Lenalee had told him tearfully (well, perhaps tearfully was a bit of an exaggeration) that there was a horrible menace (a mild annoyance) that Lavi was unleashing upon the innocent Finders and Exorcists of the Black Order.


Lavi has developed a bit an addiction that annoys those around him. The race is on to get him to quit.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: Don't Panic

Marvel - Don't Panic - dorcas_gustine

Quotes: "I was a pork pie," Steve said, still stunned. "I was aware of being a pork pie, and yet I was still Steve Rogers, Captain America. Only as a pork pie."


This is set in the Marvel Adventures: Avengers world.

This is a short but great fic. If you've ever read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy it's pretty much guaranteed to give you the giggles. Not really a crossover.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: A Brief Account of Life With Zombies

Sherlock - A Brief Account of Life With Zombies - Silver Pard

Quotes: "Stop looking at me like that, John. What did you do with the not-quite-dead specimen then?"

"I shot it in the head, Sherlock, what else?"

"Of course. What else indeed."

Just try and imagine the tone he said that in. You'll fail, but try it anyway.


BBC's Sherlock and Zombies. Seriously. It's just as awesome as it sounds.
Dragon Age - Lady Hawk

Recs: 7 Dates of Haruno Sakura

Naruto - 7 Dates of Haruno Sakura - Narf-for-the-Garthoc

Quotes: It was like a fairy tale. For Sakura, once she finally achieved her childhood dream of a date with Uchiha Sasuke, it was everything she'd hoped it would be... for about 15 minutes. He looked gorgeous, having adorned formal robes and sash. The restaurant was wonderful, full of pleasant music and smells and ambiance.

Then, he started talking.


Sakura is looking for love. She has seven dates with seven characters and the author likens them to the seven deadly sins. Wonderful fic. Funny and in character.